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Taking-a-picture-in-the-bathroom-mirror-so-that-everyone-can-be-in-it awesomeness


I apparently describe things as “alright” and “okay”  too much. And apparently these are not appropriate adjectives to describe how something is if I enjoy it (i.e. I saw the Blue Man Group with SLJ, she asked me if I like it, I did and I said it was alright, and she got annoyed). She told me that I “live a life of mediocrity.” So I thought about it and have come up with a list of things that are so amazingly, outstandingly, spectacularly, magnificently, mind-blowingly, wonderfully, unbelievably, overwhelmingly,  marvelously, wondrously awesome that I cannot even use enough adverbs to describe how chock full of awesomeness these things are.  

20. Nana’s house– childhood memories awesomeness
19. Milk chocolate– melt-in-your-mouth awesomeness
18. Unicorns– Pets-you-wish-you-had-when-you-were-a-five-year-old-girl awesomeness
17. Tie-dye– multi-colored, psychedelic awesomeness
16. Green Mountain Coffee– fair-trade awesomeness
15. David Sedaris’s “The Santa Land Diaries”- best-Christmas-story-ever-told-since-the-first-Christmas  awesomeness
14. Panera’s Broccoli Cheddar Soup– OMG-that-might-be-the-greatest-thing-ever-to-be-poured-from-a-ladle awesomeness
13. Laundry right out of the dryer– warm-and-cuddly awesomeness
12. Wrinkle-free shirts– never-have-to-burn-yourself-on-a-hot-iron-again awesomeness
11. Ben & Jerry’s– delicious, high-fat, environmentally-friendly awesomeness
10. Stephen Colbert– Nerdy wit awesomeness
9. Bubbles– popable awesome
8. Daffodils– first-sign-of-spring awesomeness
7. Sundresses– comfy-yet-dressy awesomeness
6. Oatmeal– good-for-you-breakfast awesomeness
5. Sales– Can’t-believe-this-is-85%-off-and-in-my-size awesomness
4. The Rocket Summer– happiness-through-the-headphones awesomeness
3. Shooting stars– Close-your-eyes-and-make-a-wish awesomeness
2.  UNICEF– saving-the-children-of-the-world awesomeness
1. My friends– delightfully awkward, ridiculously dependable awesomeness  

So there you go, things that make my life more than mediocre.


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You know when you look up into the clouds and you can see a thousand different things that are constantly hifting and creating new things? Well this is sort of the same thing, but rather than being made of condensed water vapor, this cloud is made of words. This  word cloud was created by Wordle. The site takes the most popular words in your blog or on your Website (or you can just type in a bunch of words you like) and creates cool little word clouds (listen here for more info). 

So anyway, I gave Wordle a try and made this cloud for the blog. As I followed the words, they started to make little poems, like the sort you’d make with magnetic poetry. Let’s ignore grammar and punctuation for a moment… (I can feel English teachers everywhere cringe at the thought).

Here are some of my favorites:

Kid decided know little else looked maybe graduate

Tried going venue bad neon

Maybe roommate dresses behind hysteria

Never right school write story

Found artist think much get life

Two mother actual older adult just home

Summer inside rip around parents tonight

Already telling right school write story

Fight fact never dumb

Decide yes almost wearing love

Leave a comment with your favorite; maybe you can see something I didn’t. If you’re having trouble reading the words, you can click the image to enlarge it. By the way, I didn’t want to mention this, but if you read this and don’t comment, a unicorn will die.

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