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College student play time!!! $40,000 of tuition not wasted...


Every semester, on the first night of finals week,  an on-campus organization called VIRGO (Volunteers Interested in Reaching Out and Guiding Others) hosts an event known as Stressbuster. Apparently, they’ve decided the best way to reach out and guide us is by giving us a ridiculous amount of free* food (the cost of entrance is $1 or a canned good) and letting us play with foam shapes and fabric glue. And it’s freaking epic. Literally, there is a mob at the door trying to get in because what better way could your time be spent  than taking two hours before a major exam to color and eat pizza?

I’m not sure if every school has implemented some form of event like this, but they should. It’s a reminder that we need to relax and enjoy a few breaks while cramming in all that knowledge we were supposed to have accumulated over the past semester. It reminds you that even though you’re an adult, you’re still a kid. So my recommendation? Put down the textbook for a minute and pull out the coloring book, sit back, and remember that in the long-run, it’s just a grade.


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Death by Finals.... from http://themarcottes.com/

It’s the week before finals here, meaning that people have set-up camp at the library. Being the only place on campus open 24 hours, it’s become the place to be whether or not you actually have work to do.

There are four types of library dwellers: herders, wanderers, foreign settlers, and loners. Herders are 3 or more people, generally friends or group members, who come to the library to distract everyone else. They come in and out with large styrofoam Ma’s Donuts’ coffee cups and occasionally Taco Bell. They get absolutely no work done, but complain continuously about how much they have to get done and how unreasonable their professors are. They almost always agree to pull an all-nighter, but typically work on and complete their projects between 7 a.m. and 8 a.m., and complain to everyone about how long it took.

Then there’s wanderers. If any herd is actually able to get work started, a wanderer is sure to stop them. These are the kid’s who don’t really have any reason to be at the library but are there anyways. Their sole purpose is to distract anyone attempting to work. They see their freshman-year roommate’s best friend’s ex-boyfriend’s cousin’s ex-girlfriend who they sat behind in Politics before they dropped it after four days and they have to say hello; it’d be rude not to. Yes, we all know one. We may even like one. But if you want to get to bed before 4 a.m., avoid them at all costs until finals are over.

 Foreign settlers are the kids who want to get work done but have  no one to do it with. They’re either not quite secure enough to be loners or they can’t find a single seat, so they join a herd that’s already formed. The only problem is, these kids have nothing to do with the herd. They’re not in the group, or even in the class, yet they try to make it work. They sit their awkwardly, trying to join the group conversation but have no idea about what’s actually going on. Foreign settlers tend to have the same effect on groups as wanderers except that they don’t leave. Ever. Then they’ll typically ask for a ride home.

Then there’s the loner kids. They hate their roommates; they hate their classes; but most of all they hate everyone else in the library. They are on the brink of a nervous breakdown. They just want to study, but cannot think over the sound of the herders and they keep getting distracted by wanderers. No, they don’t want a coffee and they don’t want to help you edit your religion essay. They just want to do work and you just won’t let them. They will kill you. They might be the nicest people in the world any other time. But we’re talking about finals here and if you ask them one more question, you’re dead.

It’s 2 weeks of dark circles, caffeine, and distractions.

Happy Finals!

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Evil Lurks in Room 113

I have never experienced anything like it. I woke up in a cold sweat and panic. I had to turn on the light and settle myself. This was the third time in one night. The terror struck hard and fast and I awoke to realize that my nightmare had followed me back into my room. A periwinkle paisley binder, a black wire-bond notebook, and a mostly dilapidated laptop… the things that were haunting me.

I have never had a class like Business Planning. Others have told me the stories, but I until last night’s panic, I didn’t realize how much the class was affecting me.

This morning I woke up to find my face was breaking out in mean little red eruptions. My eyes have deep purple circle forming, like a kid after amateur boxing night.

Tonight I’ll be moving the notebook and binder to the other room before I go to sleep to try to clear the bad energy out of the room… or maybe I’ll just soak them in holy water…


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