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The Rundown

I am now one of 27% of Americans with a college degree... boo ya

Sorry I haven’t posted in a bit… Things have been crazy.
Here’s the update:

  • I got my $160,000 diploma… it’s in an envelope in my closet
  • I went from an easy 4 day school week to a 7 day work week (I’ll be putting in 61 hours this week..)
  • I have a narsty head cold (and yes, the added ‘R’ was necessary)
  • I missed Magna cum Laude by 1/100th of a percent… that’s karma (but it wasn’t because of BP, which makes me feel eons better)
  • I moved into a new house
  • I’m allergic to my new house
  • My new house has ants
  • I’ve eaten nothing by cereal, soup, and cheesecake since Sunday (it’s now Thursday…)
  • Today’s Eileen’s birthday
  • Life’s pretty darn good.

That pretty much all I got for now.


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