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So true... I'm still getting paid to do it (not here, this one is just for my own geekiness). Image from http://hiramenlared.com.

I received my first paycheck from work today. Which means two things: 1) I can buy groceries and 2) I am officially being paid to blog. Okay, so I’m not being paid great to blog, but nonetheless, I’m taking this one as a win.  But this also means I’m a huge nerd. Not even a minor nerd. I’m a supernerd who is now in charge of two blogs. Best part? I’ve had a cold for two weeks, which means I’ve been sniffling and sneezing all week and I wear glasses and I write two blogs. Nerdiness is literally oozing out of my pores.

 So this job isn’t exactly what I imagined I’d be doing after college (I wanted to do PR/event planning for non-profit organizations; I’m blogging for a company that is so unbelievably for-profit that they have a big screen TV with the daily sales rankings at the front of the office), but given the state of things and the fact that I actually enjoy working on the blog, I have no complaints (well, okay, I have plenty of complaints, but I’m going to ignore them for now). And technically I am working events at my second job, I’m not so much planning them as moving tables around, but it is a non-profit and I enjoy it, so it’s a win.

And even though I just completed my 105th hour of work without a day off (12 days in a row, 2 double shifts, and I still managed to finish 2 books, only further showing how boring my life is), I’m no where near as exhausted I was in school, when I had class for a few hours a day, four days a week. Go figure.


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