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The future is now. With Facebook, Twitter, blogs, Flickr, etc, we’ve become our own tabloid press and paparazzi, spewing all the juicy details and drama on the wall of the Web, and waiting for someone to comment. 

Personally, I’m glued. I couldn’t leave now if I wanted to. Not so much for my own spotlight (afterall, my starlight is pretty dim, considering my followers consist solely of roommates and a few others I know)… I can’t leave the social networking scene because I love watching the drama unfold in front of me. Twitter’s a nice glimpse into the lives of others, but nothing beats Facebook drama. I stalk out people’s stories like soap operas. Watching to see who broke up with whom, who’s back in rehab, and who just had her first child before her 21st birthday.

Call me a voyeur or a creep, but you’re reading this post, so maybe you are one too.


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