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Taking-a-picture-in-the-bathroom-mirror-so-that-everyone-can-be-in-it awesomeness


I apparently describe things as “alright” and “okay”  too much. And apparently these are not appropriate adjectives to describe how something is if I enjoy it (i.e. I saw the Blue Man Group with SLJ, she asked me if I like it, I did and I said it was alright, and she got annoyed). She told me that I “live a life of mediocrity.” So I thought about it and have come up with a list of things that are so amazingly, outstandingly, spectacularly, magnificently, mind-blowingly, wonderfully, unbelievably, overwhelmingly,  marvelously, wondrously awesome that I cannot even use enough adverbs to describe how chock full of awesomeness these things are.  

20. Nana’s house– childhood memories awesomeness
19. Milk chocolate– melt-in-your-mouth awesomeness
18. Unicorns– Pets-you-wish-you-had-when-you-were-a-five-year-old-girl awesomeness
17. Tie-dye– multi-colored, psychedelic awesomeness
16. Green Mountain Coffee– fair-trade awesomeness
15. David Sedaris’s “The Santa Land Diaries”- best-Christmas-story-ever-told-since-the-first-Christmas  awesomeness
14. Panera’s Broccoli Cheddar Soup– OMG-that-might-be-the-greatest-thing-ever-to-be-poured-from-a-ladle awesomeness
13. Laundry right out of the dryer– warm-and-cuddly awesomeness
12. Wrinkle-free shirts– never-have-to-burn-yourself-on-a-hot-iron-again awesomeness
11. Ben & Jerry’s– delicious, high-fat, environmentally-friendly awesomeness
10. Stephen Colbert– Nerdy wit awesomeness
9. Bubbles– popable awesome
8. Daffodils– first-sign-of-spring awesomeness
7. Sundresses– comfy-yet-dressy awesomeness
6. Oatmeal– good-for-you-breakfast awesomeness
5. Sales– Can’t-believe-this-is-85%-off-and-in-my-size awesomness
4. The Rocket Summer– happiness-through-the-headphones awesomeness
3. Shooting stars– Close-your-eyes-and-make-a-wish awesomeness
2.  UNICEF– saving-the-children-of-the-world awesomeness
1. My friends– delightfully awkward, ridiculously dependable awesomeness  

So there you go, things that make my life more than mediocre.


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There’s been a lot of hype around this new book- The Book of Awesome– based on the blog 1000 Awesome Things. And as the name suggests, it’s pretty darn awesome. If you’re unfamiliar to the site, it’s an amazing collection of awesomeness, from “Elementary school science fairs (#544) to “When you’re being chased by zombies and suddenly find a hidden stash of guns and ammo” (#536) to  “Broccoflower” – a broccoli/cauliflower mutant (#1000).

The other day in one of my classes, we discussed how there are a lot of people who just aren’t happy. A study done a few years back by Italy’s Siena University showed that Americans are not as happy today as they were 30 years ago, in spite of living longer and being wealthier.  The cause has to do with longer work days and poor relationships, but I think we’ve also forgotten how awesome life is. We’re a society set on getting things done, and once a job is complete, we start the next task. We don’t know how to relax and enjoy things anymore, and the things we do enjoy collectively tend to be high-tech gadgets or expensive vacations. But how awesome is your favorite old, comfy T-shirt (awesome thing #803)? If we just take a second to think of all the awesomeness that exists, I think we could be a lot happier.

Anyway, the trailer made me smile, so as you take a break from your work and are looking for a little stress relief, I hope it makes you smile too. Because smiling is…


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