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I considered taking a picture of my scheduling madness, but I realized any physical evidence of its existence would only be able to be used against me in an insanity trial. The white board with its mint green scrawls, hand-written lists of daily tasks, and most shameful, the OCD Post-It Tree- 12 sticky notes outlining my life for the next 10 days. I’ve never been very good at being organized. If I met elementary school me now, I’d give her a hug and a planner and explain to her why waiting until the morning of a presentation to tell mom you need to be dressed like Mother Theresa for the day is a bad idea (yes, that really did happen. Ten minutes, one off-white bed sheet, and spool of blue ribbon later, I was sent off to school only to get stabbed by the sewing pins my mother had hastily jabbed into the fabric). Today, I’d have sewn up a habit two weeks in advance, rocking a cross blessed by the Pope.

As my schedule has become more crammed with classes, work, and people, working everything (and everyone) in with time constraints has become a sort of hobby. It’s the daily drudge- getting up early for work, spending time in classes, doing homework and other the sort of inflexible activities that need to be worked into my daily life, plus all the things that I want to fall into place- the gym, phone calls home, late night chats with friends, movie nights with the roommate, dinners out with friends- the things that simply make me happy.

For the next week and a half, I have every moment scheduled, at least loosely, with the places I need to be and the people I need to see.

Looking at the neatly organized least, and crossing off each task as it’s been accomplished makes me wonder one thing… What kind of OCD freak have I become?


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Crash Into Me

As if I needed another reason to hate SUVs/SUV drivers... picture from gtcarlot.com

I got hit by a car. Okay, I wasn’t so much hit as tapped by a car on my walk to work this morning. Now, I know the woman was driving a giant assed white Mercedes Benz SUV, which just states, “why hello, I am a giant tool,” but it always kills me when a female driver does something incredibly stupid (like hit pedestrians), because it just perpetuates the myth that women can’t drive. Alright, I can’t drive either, and am cognizant that I, too, perpetuate the myth, but I have never once hit a pedestrian. I think I should mention that I am also wearing a nuclear spill-green dress today. It’s practically radioactive. You can see this color from space, so when I’m standing 2 feet in front of your car, I really can’t be missed.

I can’t even be upset about the situation though. One, because I wasn’t hurt; and two, because the look on the woman’s face was absolutely priceless. She literally had the look of “Oh dear Lord, I just shat myself.” And it might have been the most fantastically hilarious thing I’ve ever seen. I actually started laughing out loud because she just looked so ridiculous sitting there, staring at me, with her eyes wide, and her hands clasped over her mouth.

In that moment, I looked her directly in the eyes, with my hand on the front of her unnecessary SUV, and I gave her a big thumbs up. I hope she understood the sarcasm of my gesture. As I rounded the corner for the next block, that big white Benz was just starting to roll up the hill. The poor lady was probably wondering if she had time to go home and change her pants now that she’d crapped herself.

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My parents are holding my phone hostage until I come home. Maybe next time I call, I'll tell them I don't negotiate with terrorists. Probably won't land well.

My parents are withholding my new cell phone until I visit them (or I make time for them to visit me). They didn’t flat out tell me that was the plan, but when they told me they’d send it to me and suddenly changed their minds (twice) I realized what they were doing…

In college, I called my parents once a week and went home usually one weekend a month. But that was when I had three days of classes a week and a part-time job only two nights a week. Now I’m pumping out over 60 hours at work a week (over 70 this week), and taking almost a full semester of classes. I used to have three-day-weekend every week, now I’m working up to14 days in a row without a break and coming home late at night to a pile of homework for grad school. And as much as I wish I could, I just can’t be in two places at once.

I think my parents think I’m lying when I tell them I literally use up twenty hours a day, sleep for four, and start all over again every day of the week. I suppose I could take those four hours designated for sleep and make the 1 ½ hour trip home, chat for an hour while they tell me I should call more often and how much my grandparents miss me and how I don’t see them enough, and then make the 1 ½ trip back just in time for work. Of course this meeting would have to take place at 3 in the morning…

With my friends living back home, I know my parents are infinity jealous of their parents (my mother has actually told me in not so many words that she is). So until I make it back to collect my hostage phone and explain to my parents I wish I were able to be home more often, I’m stuck with a four year old flip phone that freezes up when I send more than 10 texts in an hour and a guilt trip from my mother that will last me until next Christmas…

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